Have you ever noticed that “The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved” referred to himself that way? Whenever anyone else would speak of him, they simply called him John. How very smug of him to call himself the disciple whom Jesus loved! As if Jesus didn’t love the rest of His disciples. It makes me understand why John got under Peter’s skin.

I actually have a brother like this. He thinks he’s my mother’s favorite child. In essence, he’s calling himself the son that my mother loves. I mean, that’s pretty bold to say while your six siblings are glaring at you but my brother will say it to whoever is listening with his head held high. And the crazy thing about it is that when he says it around my mother, she seems to enjoy it.

The name that John penned for himself made it into the Word of God? How come? Why would God allow this show off to boast in His book? Surely Jesus loves us all. Why would He allow John to single himself out as if he were Jesus’ favorite? But somehow, when I think of God looking at what John wrote, I can only picture Him smiling proud just like my mother saying, “That’s my boy! He gets it!”

True enough, John was one of the three that were closest to Jesus. John was even known to lie on Jesus’ bosom. That’s definitely someone who must’ve felt comfortable being close to Jesus.

My pastor recently led a bible study where he gave us a challenge. The challenge was, ‘I must think everyday about how much God loves me’. I don’t know if he realized how much of a challenge it would be for some to actually accomplish that request. Speaking for myself, it’s quite easy to think everyday about how mad God is at me or how often God is looking down at me and shaking His head wondering why He made me in the first place…

But I’m learning more and more that God does not see me that way. He looks at me with a pure love; a perfect love. A love that desires to give. A love that is patient and long suffering. Is this sounding familiar to anyone yet?

What if we all referred to ourselves as “The daughter that Jesus loves”? It sounds uncomfortable even as I try to say it but it is true nonetheless. Jesus loves us all, yes. But He doesn’t love us collectively or in some kind of far removed way. He loves each of us as if we were His only love. As if it were only we two. Does that make you excited today?