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“God is Good!” My pastor chants. “All the Time!” Our congregation chants back. “And all the time…” He chants. “God is Good!” We respond. One day as we chanted this, a thought came to me, asking, How many of us really believe that?

Famous theologian and Bible Scholar, Oswald Chambers said that at the root of all sin is the question, What if God isn’t really good? Interesting. Food for thought actually. I’ve asked myself that question millions of times. Oh, of course, not out loud; not even verbatim. But I’ve definitely wondered…

I think we’ve all wondered. We’ve certainly asked questions like why would God allow innocent babies to die? Why does God allow disaster and destruction? Why did all of those people have to die in the Tsunami or in Katrina? Why are there wars? Why can’t God just stop all of the bad people? Why is there sickness and famine? Why is there poverty and homelessness? Why does Flava Flav have his own reality show where women are pawing all over him? (C’mon you know you’ve asked!)

It’s particularly tough  to hear commandments like, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you; (Matt 5:44). What in the world?  The only thing ringing in my ear when I read a command like that is, and what do I get out of this deal?!!!

The truth of the matter is, when I hurt, I want the one who caused it to hurt more! When I’m wronged, I want revenge. I don’t want to just know in my heart that they are suffering. That old adage, hurting people hurt people sounds like nothing more than a cliché to me! I want to see them hurt! More so, I want to watch them hurt! Why not? They watched me hurt!

There is such a burden on me as I write this article. I have tossed and turned in my bed for an hour and I cannot sleep because I need to write this down. At the time in history that we’re living, it would be easy for anybody to question the goodness of God. There is chaos going on all around us and it looks very much like it will get worse before it gets better—if it gets better!

The hour has come that the people of God must stand up and display His goodness so that the world may see that there really IS hope. I’ve watched so many times as “Christians” (myself included) compromise with things that go against what the Word of God says. I’ve even heard non-Christians point out that fact saying, “Aren’t you supposed to be the Christian?” Because they know what we’re supposed to do and not do.

But the fact of the matter is, when we, as Christians compromise with the world, what we’re communicating to the world is that God is really not good! “Yeah, He’s good for some things but there are some things that we should figure out on our own.” Sounds harsh? Sorry, but it’s the truth.

As I said earlier, the Word says to love your enemies but it makes more sense to us to put our enemies in their place “because they need to know that I just ain’t the one!” (Yeah, I’ve said that one out of my own mouth!) The Word says, “I will supply all of Your needs” But we’ll swindle and lie our way into debt in an attempt to take care of ourselves. As if our God isn’t Good!

God is good; what’s more, the people that don’t know Him desperately need to know that. What is the disconnect? Are we so distracted with ourselves that we have forgotten what we’re here for? We are not our own! We were bought with a price! That price was the precious blood that was shed for us that now flows through our veins to cleanse us of our sins. God could have snatched us up to heaven at the moment that we received Jesus as Savior and been done with it. That’s the purpose of accepting Him, right? Wrong! We’re still here so that we can live as a witness. How can we claim to be born again if nothing about us has changed? And how can we be an effective witness if we know nothing about the one who sent us?

If your relationship with God is a distant one, it’s time to close that gap. Get to know Him deeper so that you can taste and see for yourself that He is good! The Gospel will never be effectively preached until we fall utterly and completely in love with Jesus Christ. We need to be convinced about our God before we can get out there and convince anybody else. There is a watered down Gospel being preached in America and I believe that the reason is because we’re not spending enough intimate time with the Father getting to know Him because to know Him is to love Him! The bible says “If I be lifted up from the earth, I will draw all men unto Me!”

And if you’re unsaved and you’re reading this article, know that God is good and that He’s not sitting on His throne waiting to punish you for your mistakes but He is sitting on His throne with His arms stretched wide beckoning you to come and sit in His lap so that He can love on you. He has good plans for your life but He cannot lead you to it if you’re walking on the wrong road.