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Every wise woman buildeth her house; but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands. (Prov. 14:1 KJV) 

Right away, when I read the above verse I feel instantly challenged. I ask my self the question, so which one am I? I’d like to think that I am the wise woman who is building her house; the woman who is being selective with the materials that she chooses for the house; the woman who takes careful thought to consider the strongest foundation possible for her house so that when there is a strong wind, her house is prepared to stand. Like I said, I’d love to think that I am this woman but when I consider myself, I’d have to say that I lean towards the foolish woman.

Go with me for a moment and pretend that the house that this scripture is referring to is your physical body. Would you say that you consider carefully the materials that you allow into your body, you mind, your heart? Are you careful to reject the materials that you know in the long term will only serve to deteriorate your house? In other words, are you eating what will bring life to your body or are you throwing all kinds of junk into it? Are you surrounding yourself with positive people who speak words of life or are you hanging around a bunch of gossips? And most importantly, are you building yourself on a strong foundation, which is the Word of God or are you allowing what sounds good to your ears to move you?

Like a natural house, a builder must weigh carefully the materials that they will use if they want a house that will remain standing for a long time. Wouldn’t it be foolish for builder to build an entire house out of glass because it looks pretty? We all know that house isn’t going to last very long in a storm. And if the builder thinks that there will probably be no storms, he is just incredibly naïve!

The truth is, whether we’re talking about a literal builder of a house as in our analogy or if we’re talking about the keeper of a physical body, both have the right to use whatever materials that they want. Although, one choice may be wiser than the other, we are all free to choose what we will allow into our bodies; our temples. I have every right to choose death for my body but why in the world would I?
Food for thought:  God has placed before you life and death. Which are you choosing?