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I find it amusing that the slogan “Obey your thirst”, came from a company that was trying to sell more sodas. What in the world? In the commercials for this particular soda you’d see professional athletes playing basketball like really hard and then the seller announces in an attempt to convince the consumer that if you have a real thirst, there’s only one drink that will quench it. Hill-larious!!! What’s even funnier is that this campaign actually worked! The fact is that not only does soda pop not quench your thirst, but also it dehydrates you!

It makes me think about a familiar story in the bible about a woman at the well. The woman is coming to the well to draw water and she has an encounter with Jesus Himself. Imagine with me for a moment that if this woman could’ve had theme music as she walked to the well, it would have been Beyonce’s Irreplaceable!

This woman had been with five different men and as she walked to the well, she had a man waiting at home for her! In the song Irreplaceable, Beyonce is singing to her now ex-boyfriend, “You just don’t know ‘bout me. I can have another you in a minute and in fact he’ll be here in a minute” Then the hook says, “To the left, to the left!” To express her kicking him to the curb.

So correct me if I’m wrong but she’s kicking this guy out of her house only to go out and get another one just like him?

I can remember the summer that this song came out. It was on heavy rotation on the radio. I don’t even listen to secular music but I couldn’t help but hear it and even catch the words. It became the anthem for many women. Women were chanting, “To the left, to the left!” These women were, in essence, standing up and letting the men in their lives know that if he doesn’t treat her right that she would go out and get another man— just like him? Am I the only one who finds these lyrics disturbing?

If I can’t deal with you and your attitude, why in the world would I want to go out and get another you? Is not the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result?

We’re drawn to the soda because it’s sweet and tingly and fun to drink but it actually only intensifies the very thing that we’re trying to get rid of—our thirst. Can you imagine if athletes really kept sodas next to them as they played a grueling game of basketball or tennis or even baseball? It probably wouldn’t be a very long game because somebody’s going to pass out!

When the woman at the well attempted to draw her water, Jesus told her that if she were to draw water from His well that she would never thirst again. Jesus wasn’t talking about a natural water so at first this goes over the woman’s head. She’s like, what kind of water do you have that if you drink it you will never thirst again?  But Jesus was talking about a deeper thirst. A thirst that caused her to sleep around in a desperate attempt to find love and satisfaction. He’s telling her that if she would leave those men alone and stop trying to chase after a physical pleasure but chase after Him, that she stands to fill her deepest need.

I’ve been in her position and I had somebody tell me that it was Christ that I needed and not the frivolous things that I was running after. I can remember thinking to myself, that it sounded way too far-fetched to be true. But oh, how much I wished that it could be true because I really was thirsty and I wanted so much to be satisfied!

Well, I found out that it really is true. One taste of His water and you’ll know that it’s what you need above all else! Don’t be fooled by counterfeits that look really good, taste really good, and even feel very good. (I’m not going there; I promise!) Those things only succeed to leave us needy and addicted because although we realize that we’re not full, we’re foolish enough to think, Oh, maybe if I just get a little bit more then it will work. 


Believe it or not, a great and loving God created you. He created you to be satisfied in Him. Why? Because He knows what is best for you and only He can give it to you.

Make your way to the well of the Only Living God and then you will find that “You’ve got the right One Baby—Uh Huh!!!” (Yeah, I know; another slogan for soda! Sue me!)

Scripture Reference: John 4