Why art thou cast down, O my soul? And why art thou disquieted in me? (Psalm 42:5 KJV)

I will never forget one of the women’s meetings at my home church when a young lady who had attended as a guest began to share with the group that she was really missing intimate time with God. As her voice was reduced to a whisper at the end of her statement, she said something that I’m sure I can still hear today. “Sometimes you just want to hear Daddy’s voice.” I don’t think that there was a dry eye in the house after she said that. We were all reaching for the tissues!

I can’t help but wonder how many tears were for her and how many tears were for ourselves. We as women have hearts that are very deep and complex. At times, we can feel very lonely and isolated because we feel misunderstood. We want someone to relate to us but it seems to us that nobody can really understand what we’re going through. We tend to become very thirsty in these times; desiring to be filled. This is when we really desire to hear “Daddy’s voice” but it seems that even He has stopped talking to us.

Dear sisters, God never stops speaking to us. He has so much to say to us but it will start with getting into His Word. The Word will always appear dry to us if we are reading it in our natural mind. The bible says that Spirit speaks to spirit and Deep calleth unto deep. Only a call from the depths can provoke a response from the depths.

God is a Spirit and He speaks to our spirit man. We must read God’s Word with a relationship in mind. When you search His Word with the purpose of seeking His face you will hear His voice as the Holy Spirit begins to minister that Word into your ear and into your heart.

Close your eyes and meditate on that still small voice that is constantly speaking into your spirit and you will feel the very arms of a sweet and loving God enveloping you closer to Himself and you will know without a shadow of a doubt that your God has not forgotten about you and that your Father loves His little girl!

Food for thought: God is interested in relationship, not scholarship.

Scripture References: Psalm 42