Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil: for thou art with me; (Psalm 23:4 KJV)

I watched a movie recently for the second time called Facing the Giants. Besides it being an awesome movie, I received a mighty revelation about myself from God. In the movie, which is about a losing football team, the coach makes a young man do what they called the death crawl across a football field with another player on his back. The young man declares to the coach how far he believes he can go but has no idea how far the coach is taking him. He complains almost the entire way as the coach screams, encouraging the young man that he can do it. In the end, he makes it across the entire field albeit sweaty and exhausted.

I saw myself so clearly in that young man. As I watched him complain and cry as he did the excruciating thing, I realized that I too assume to know what’s in me. I can’t remember the last time I pushed myself until I had absolutely nothing left in me. I normally stop when I feel uncomfortable.

I don’t really like to think about God putting me in a situation that seems impossible for me. God, in His mercy, will start by first giving me instructions. Most times, I’ll just avoid it stating to God that when He’s really ready for me to do it, He will provide what I’ll need to get it done (i.e. finances, time, support, etc.). In other words, “When you’re ready God, you’ll make it easy for me.” When God does not provide before hand, I’ll just assume that it’s just not God’s timing. Then God, still as merciful as ever, will allow me to get into a situation where I have no choice but to face my giant or die. For some strange reason, in my desperation, I’ll somehow find the strength that I was too lazy to find before.

Ladies, I feel this in my heart so strongly today. When God gives us instructions, whatever they are, IT IS TIME TO MOVE! Sometimes God doesn’t part the waters until we dip our feet in first. (Joshua 3:15,16) But if we’re waiting for the waters to part before hand, we may never get across.

There is so much more in us than we know because the Great One lives inside of us and His strength is endless. I don’t know what your giant is today, and I don’t even need to know for me to say with confidence that you will defeat your giant if God has put it before you. It was not given to you to break you but it was given to you to show you that there is a mighty God working on your behalf and all of the strength that you need will be given to you. You will have to break a sweat and you will have to feel some pain but if you push yourself to do the impossible, the impossible WILL be done! Why do you have to sweat? Because your strength ended a long time ago.

Food for thought: Is there anything too hard for God?

Scripture Ref: Joshua 3:15-16 Psalm 23:4