Let God be true but every man a liar. (Romans 3:4 KJV)


Many of us have been stung by words from our past. Some of those stings were intentional and some were simply careless. However, it doesn’t matter how well intentioned a sting might have been; it still brought pain. What do you do you do when you are stung by a word that seems to blast through your very core? If you’re like I was, you would probably allow that word to take root in you and grow. But God is asking you today, “What is True?”

I take full responsibility for all of my sin and bad choices but I have to tell you that I was set up to make some of the dumbest decisions that a person could make because the words of someone else caused me to see myself in a way that God never intended for me.

And we really can’t address the words that have hurt us without acknowledging the things that we might have said to others that may have hurt them. If we take a serious look back we might realize that our mouths may be the reason for someone else’s bondage. People of God, we don’t want that!

The bible says to be slow to speak and quick to listen but I really think that I read that scripture backwards because I am quick to speak and slow to listen. I have been just as guilty as anybody else in this area.  In the name of humor, I say things that are offensive to others. I don’t mean to be offensive but if I’m the only one laughing, maybe it isn’t really funny. Perhaps if I listened long enough I would find that maybe that “joke” wouldn’t be appropriate for this person.

For those of us who are still nursing wounds from those ugly words that were sent by messenger to destroy us, God has made provision for us! He sent His Word that is Truth and the Truth will stand up against the lie and prevail!

It is not enough to hear the Truth but Truth must be accepted. Once Truth is accepted, no matter how long that lie has been taking up residency in your heart it will have to move out! Truth will not shack up with a lie. When Truth moves in the lie will have to go! If you are not well versed in the Word of God today, it is not too late. Get into the Word and learn it. If you don’t get to know the truth you will not recognize the lie for the destructive thing that it is!

Food for thought: Every lie is intended to destroy because the father of lies seeks only to kill, steal and destroy!