The truth is, God never told us to pursue purpose. He told us to pursue Him. We sometimes confuse the ministry of God and God Himself. Of course God has a purpose and plan for your life and He wants you to walk in it but why is it that when we think of purpose, we assume that it’s isolated to ministry.
If someone tells us that God has a great purpose for us, we may assume that we’re going to be in a huge cathedral style church or a stadium preaching the gospel to millions. That’s not necessarily the plan of God for everybody. I don’t think that there are enough stadiums for that to be for everybody…
I’ve had some hard times in my life since I’ve come to Christ. Some of those hard times I brought on myself, but God used each and every one of those hard things to get glory for Himself. Even the most painful parts of my life, when I stopped crying long enough to hear God and got over myself long enough to be obedient to His instructions, God was able to get some glory out of my life. Me! My life has brought God glory! Hallelujah!
Contrary to what I’d love to think, I was not put here to be a world renowned author; I was not put here to be a great youth mentor; I was not even put here to be a wonderful wife and mother. I was put here on this earth to bring glory to the Most High.
When a weak vessel can stand through the hard things leaning on the strength of God, the world (our friends and family) are watching closely. When everyone else around us is complaining about the economy or the nasty boss and we can speak life, they’re thinking, Who is this Jesus that they’re trusting in? I’ve got to get to know Him!
Our complete lives are meant to bring glory and honor to God but in order for this to be possible, we must pursue God. Sometimes we go way ahead of Him trying to fit ourselves in our call. However, if we pursue Him, He will lead us to purpose.