About Who Am I Ministries

I can remember when God first put Who Am I Ministries on my heart. I’ll admit, it was a struggle initially. I wanted to be sure that God was sure He wanted me for the position. For goodness sake, I still wasn’t sure of who I was and I was supposed to teach the masses??! 
Once it was established that God had chosen me to lead this ministry, the very first thing that God pressed on my heart was that He did not want this ministry to have anything to do with self-esteem. 
I wasn’t sure that I understood but God began to teach me that self-esteem was not of Him. He told me that self-esteem is vanity and self glorifying. God said it and I believed it so that was enough for me but if I was going to teach this thing, I needed proof to convey it to the people that He would be sending me to. I did not have to go far for my proof. I went into the dictionary and looked up the word, esteem and here is what I came up with:
Esteem – respect and admiration, typically for a person. 
The first thing that I thought after reading the definition was, “Uh…this doesn’t really sound that bad…”
Then God instructed me to go into the thesaurus which will give you the synonyms of a word. 
Esteem – admire, appreciate, apprise, cherish, consider, hold dear, honor…
(So far so good, right? Wrong!) Idolize, revere, worship!?
God told me, “This is just the word, esteem. You add “self” to the front of it and you’ve got yourself a problem!”
This absolutely blew my mind! All of my life I had struggled to improve my self-esteem because it was always so low. Thank God that I never did achieve that goal! 
The goal of Who Am I Ministries is to teach people who God is. It is the only way to truly know who you are and why you were created. As my pastor always says, “You were created on purpose for purpose!” God has a purpose, and not just a purpose, a unique purpose for your life. 
I heard a minister once say that low self-esteem is killing our youth. I would venture to say that the exact opposite is true. High self-esteem is what is killing our youth. Our youth have no problem idolizing, revering and even worshiping themselves. What they have a problem with is worshiping and revering God and that my friend is what is killing our youth. 
Please understand what I am saying here. God does not desire that we fall into self loathing. God is awesome and we are His precious creation. He’s created us for greatness. He wants us to be confident. He just does not want our confidence to be in ourselves. Our confidence should be in Him. John 15:5 says, without me ye can do nothing. While Philippians 4:13 says, I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. 
It’s time to take the spotlight off of our faces and point it to where it belongs. We were put on this earth for one reason and that is to bring Glory to God by our lives. Anything short of that is spitting in the face of the One who created us.
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About Rebecca Greene

Rebecca Greene is first and foremost a woman of God, who truly loves the Lord and seeks to do His will in all of her endeavors. Rebecca founded Who Am I Ministries, Inc. She also serves as a youth mentor in her home church. Mt Olive House of Prayer where she facilitates “Teen Focus” meetings. At “Teen Focus”, self image issues are discussed in a No holds barred atmosphere with topics such as Whose Fault is it When a Teenaged Girl gets Pregnant? and Dressed to Impress—Who? 

The goal of Teen Focus is to point the youth to Christ. Rebecca strongly believes that a person will not know who they are until they know who God is.

As well as leading a ministry and serving as a youth mentor, she is also a published author. Her books include, Sisters in the Name of Love and the series, Dear Diary, 15. Rebecca’s books are written with one purpose in mind and that is to bring healing to the broken hearted. Rebecca’s books have generated a faithful audience who frequently express how much her books have touched them.

Rebecca has also been invited to other ministries, radio and television broadcasts and various functions to pass on the message that God has given her for the youth of today. She is excited about the vision that God has given her and by the grace of God, she is walking in her anointing to fulfill God’s purpose in her life.


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